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You`ll Love Yoga & Wellness on San Pietro island!

Watching the sunrise on San Pietro makes you feel like you are part of the breath of earth, a rebirth. It’s a vital rhythm for us, one that synchronizes us with the plant as its breaths.


Yoga Lessons & Retreat

Nadia De Paoli trained as a yoga teacher in India at Mysore Vinyasa and Ashtanga workshops. She`s been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaching since 2009, both in Barcelona and here on San Pietro Island in her beautiful retreat, surrounded by Aleppo pines and Mediterranean bush, where one can always smell the scent of the sea.

Here, Nadia shares her knowledge of the body and soul that she learned during her 200 hours of training and ten years of teaching. Nadia also enlists yoga teachers from all over Europe to share their knowledge, and her retreat is a yoga association ASD.




Welcome to Casadisale yoga retreat





Nadia teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Posture Yoga almost every day. These classes are open to everyone and are specially designed for beginners, those wishing to become more flexible in movement, achieve a better posture, and to relieve backache.


Guests also have the opportunity of booking either a long weekend or a weeklong yoga retreat where you can watch the sunrise and set, following the light with asanas, meditation, Ayurvedic treatments, organic breakfasts, and dinners made with genuine and local products.

Nadia`s yoga retreat is truly a place where you`ll find the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and discover the beauty of nature while synchronizing with both the inner and outer world, far away from daily pollution, both acoustic and metropolitan.



Casadisale is also open as a B&B from late May to mid-October.

This original rural Italian house has been gently transformed into a wonderfully peaceful bed & breakfast. Now furnished with carefully chosen ethnic pieces and antique furniture throughout and offering four double en-suite rooms.

Guests also now have the option of getting even closer to nature by staying in one of the new clamping tents, which are situated within Casadisale`s beautiful and private gardens.

The B&B has an East facing panoramic terrace, where you can enjoy the bio breakfast prepared with organic and island products, fruit extracts, salads, cakes, and homemade jams while breathing in the clean, fresh island air and watching the sunrise.



You can, of course, choose to participate in one of the daily yoga classes during your stay at the B&B which are available to everyone and of all levels. So why not stretch, breath, and feel the peacefulness whilst soaking up the slow rhythms of nature during your stay.

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    The joyfulness and desire to live in nature is what truly sustains us.
    We have a fantastic environment here, visually and lifestyle-wise, beautiful natural scenery, big skies, clean air, pure waters. It’s such a family-orientated and community based safe place to live and visit.
    It`s been found that people are happier in the present moment when in a natural environment, and all-natural environments are more joyful than cities.
    There is a kind of hierarchy where the happiest environments are found, and by some distance, they are marine and coastal margins. There’s evidence, too, that being near the water, or what is called ‘blue space,’ can potentially make us happier, and on Isola DI San Pietro, the sea is never far away!