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Discover San Pietro`s Natural Wonders!

Discovering the countryside, flora and fauna of San Pietro by bicycle is an experience of nature and peacefulness rarely found. Either cycling leisurely along the coast road which brings you to no less than eight stunning untouched beaches, with crystal clear water and fine white sand, or heading upwards to the top of the island, where your legs will be tested and your soul rewarded by experiencing some of the most breath-taking views to be found in all of the Mediterranean.
Discover the sea with a thousand colours and the stunning coast of the island by boat, where there are a number of fascinating cliffs, charming inlets, and dreamlike coves with unpolluted sea floors. Some places on the island can only be reached by sea and retain their charm of uncontaminated nature precisely for this reason. In the northern part, we find the Grotto of Punta delle Oche, which leaves visitors breathless, or the Natural Pools of Nasca, considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Sardinia.


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