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Info on Marinas and Ships-Chandleries

There are two marinas on San Pietro island and both are  located within the main harbor of Carloforte. If you`ve  never been here before, you`ll be pleasantly surprised by the elegant and enchanting town and its convenient location to the harbor. The marinas are so well positioned that you can step off your boat and into one of the many local cafe`s, bars or restaurants that are positioned along its sea front, and shops for supplies are all within a five minute walk away.

The marinas are well equipped, ranging from travel lifts and cranes, ships divers, mechanical and electrical engineers, office facilities, Wifi, Laundromats, shower facilities etc. The staff in both marinas are professional, accommodating and very friendly. One of the many things that I love about Carloforte is that it is very safe, to the point that there is almost zero crime, and theft is a rare occurrence. 


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